Virtual tour

Save time viewing houses, virtual tour any real estate

Marketing tools for businesses

Impress everyone by bringing customers from all over the world into your business

Best solution for Sightseeing Accommodation

Experience your virtual tour on any electronics, the coolest way to market

8K Images

Customize your own virtual reality with high-quality panoramic images



This is your exclusive virtual reality, consisting of many spaces where you can move freely between them. Set up interactive buttons anywhere to impress your customers by jumping out of informations when they click, including text, videos, web links, and even photo collections!

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Virtual tour

Design for customer interaction

What you want your customers to see, virtual tour can do it for you

Use a dedicated URL to send a virtual tour to your customers and let them browse your business space on any device.

We can customize the interactive interface for your virtual tour, including Google Maps, graphics, videos, sounds, and more, even floor plans, appointment forms, or social media.

Just four steps

Create your virtual tour

Place an order

Choose one of our plans according to your needs. Select customization options. Our prices are transparent and reasonable.

Schedule a shooting day

Our photographers will take panoramic images for you according to your virtual tour order, you only need to make an appointment and we will handle the rest.


We'll edit your virtual tour and add a variety of your photos, text messages, videos, music, social media, and customized features.

Complete the order

Once the virtual tour is done, you'll have 7 days to review and give any feedback, after which we'll upload to the cloud and provide you with a permanent URL.

No long waiting

It only takes a week to make at the earliest.

See how others use it

Case studies

Virtual tours are available at different businesses, whether you are a restaurant operator, gym, or hostel, you can catch the eye of customers

You can enjoy the art exhibition without going out

Online museums

Businesses exposure and travel guides


Virtual tour services

We offer full shooting, customization, storage services, and with our services, you'll get the following

4K Panoramic Photos

4K Panoramic Photos

We use high-resolution cameras to capture, fuse, and create a background for a virtual tour.

Interactive buttons

You can specify to put an interactive button anywhere to get your customers to jump out of text, pictures, and videos when they click.

Licensed background music

Choose an authorized background music for your virtual tour to give your customers a better atmosphere.

Google Map

Put your business location in your virtual tour and customers can call it out at any time.


Put your LOGO, website, and brand information anywhere in the space.

Cloud storage access

Your virtual tour is saved in the cloud and viewed on any device in one URL.

Advanced & Elite Plans

More customization, more interactivity

8K Panoramic Photos

8K Panoramic Photos

Shoot with a higher resolution camera provides a resolution 4 times larger than the basic solution.


Interactive button style selection

Choose a different button style for your brand style, each with a different animation.


Free changes

Each year you can have a free voucher to use, and regularly update content for your virtual tour .


Scene Navigation

Pick and set the scene menu so that the viewer jumps quickly to the specified space.


Scene Switch Style selection

Choose interactive scene switch styles to differentiate your interface


Button List

Make your buttons into a list for the user to quickly see


Navigation Bar Style selection

Navigation bar lets you open photo albums, Google Maps, full screen, and more


Cool Little Planet Animation

Select each space to start with a gorgeous little planet animation to surprise your customers.


Directional sound

Set directional sound source to let viewers feel the atmosphere


Get the most out of your brand

You can allow us to create completed spatial navigation for free marketing through the SHADOWMOON marketing pipeline

Website Exposure

With your permission, we will place your virtual tour link on our website so that more people can see your career.

Campaign publicity

We’ll introduce your brand story to increase your brand visibility at different events.

Social networking

We promote your business through different social platforms and keep your brand growing with us.

General merchant options

Build a custom-built virtual tour at the price you can afford

We are committed to providing affordable virtual reality solutions for general merchants, whether you are a coffee shop, a homestay, a gym, you can create a unique virtual tour at a discounted price.


From 9,800 .
  • Suitable for 533 ft²
  • 4K panoramic photos
  • 5 interactive photos, text, videos
  • 1 Authorized Background Music
  • Your LOGO
  • Google Map Embedding
  • Link to your website
  • Cloud storage access
  • Standard authorization


From 16,800 .
  • Suitable for 711 ft²
  • 8K panoramic photos
  • 10 interactive photos, text, videos
  • - All basic plan services -
  • Scene Navigation
  • Navigation bar style selection
  • Interactive button style selection
  • Scene Switch Style Selection
  • Standard authorization


From 28,800 .
  • Suitable for 1,067 ft²
  • 8K panoramic photos
  • 15 interactive photos, text, videos
  • - All advanced plan services -
  • Directional sound
  • Button List
  • Free modification once a year
  • Cool Little Planet Animation
  • Standard authorization

Enterprise Plan

  • Suitable for the needs of the enterprise's customization
  • - All Elite plan services -
  • For profit use
  • Navigation bar style design
  • Unique button style
  • Floor plan embedding
  • More customization demand
  • Business licensing

Enterprise Plan

Advanced authorization for the sale of houses and real estate.

Enterprise plan let you create a virtual tour for one or more real estate sales, and your customers can browse all the houses online with any device.

You can send the link of virtual tour to anyone through various platforms, such as Line and Facebook, to open up a direct experience without downloading or logging in. You can also embed a virtual tour on the Home Buying platform page, allowing customers to experience the house directly on your website.

Start improving your customer satisfaction and sales speed now.

Virtual tour
Traditional House Viewing

Navigation bar style design

Customise your navigation line to design a unique interface


Unique button style

Unique button style designed for you


Floor plan embedding

Put your floor plan in your virtual tour so viewers know where they are.

Shadowmoon google street view trusted

Google Trusted Photographer

SHADOWMOON is Google Street View certificated. When your virtual tour is completed, we can upload you panoramic photos to Google Maps Street View, let others see the interior space when they search for you on Google Maps.

Do you already have a website?

Embed your website

Build a virtual tour to get more attention for your website

Virtual View House, VR View House, VR Guided Tour, Space Guide, Shadowmoon, Shadow Moon Virtual Reality Production, Shadow Moon.
When the production is complete

Let us handle the storage of your virtual tour

You just need to focus on making the best use of virtual tour to expand your career

Cloud storage

NT$750 per month
We'll put your finished virtual tour in the cloud, and you can watch your virtual tour from any device, anywhere, at any time.
Virtual View House, VR View House, VR Guided Tour, Space Guide, Shadowmoon, Shadow Moon Virtual Reality Production, Shadow Moon.

Born for virtual tour


Let your customers watch your virtual reality around the world


San francisco

Low latency


Low latency


Low latency


Low latency

Sao paulo

Low latency

Server fees

From 750 Monthly/annual
  • Free storage for the first year after your virtual tour completed.
  • Cloud storage fees will start billing in the second year

Low cost, best quality

Our storage solutions allow your customers to browse virtual tour from anywhere in the world without downloading any app.

We protect your data and your wallet

Storage fee NT$9,000 per year. You can cancel renewals at any time

Our modification plan

Virtual tour modification ticket

This is a basic solution that allows you to make virtual tour modifications without additional shots, so you can:

Modify any button function

You can add or delete, adjust buttons, or adjust text, photos, and video links.

Cool Little Planet Animation Begins

Add the opening animation to one or more spaces to bring more changes to your virtual tour.

Interface style adjustments

Choose a different interface style to give your virtual tour a new look.

Provide your own media files

We can add your own media files to virtual tour.

Expert consultation

Our designers will contact you to understand your needs for change and provide the best help.

Timely modification

We will make changes as soon as your needs are identified.


How do I show my virtual tour to customers?

Virtual tour run on any browser and customers can go to your own URL on their computer, tablet or phone without downloading any app.

Can I link a virtual tour to my website?

No problem, your Virtual tour is a URL that can be hyperlinked to anywhere you want.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, we accept transfer payments. Virtual tour annual maintenance fees are also accepted for transfer payments in addition to credit cards.

Can I switch from different Virtual tour plans?

Because different devices are used depending on the option during shooting, there will be additional charge for re-shooting.

How long can I see the finished product after placing an order?

After placing an order, we will contact you for shooting, production. You can see the finished virtual tour as soon as a week.

What happens to my virtual tour if I suspend annual maintenance fees in the future?

We’ll temporarily take your virtual tour offline when your annual maintenance program expires, but you can resubscribe our service at any time.

Can I modify my virtual tour after I complete my order?

When completed, you will have 7 days to see if there’s anything to be modified. After uploaded to the cloud, we will charge one modification ticket at a time.

Can I change the virtual tour URL to my own domain?

No problem, as long as you already have your own server, we’ll teach you how to run on your own server. For more information, see Advanced Authorization.

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