Privacy Policy

When you start using the SHADOWMOON Service, you trust in how we handle your personal information. We understand that this is a great responsibility and will do our best to protect your information and provide you with relevant management functions:

This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand the types of information that SHADOWMOON collects and why it is collected.


1. The scope of application of the privacy protection policy

The privacy policy includes how our website handles personally identifiable data collected when you use the Services of the Website. The Privacy Policy does not apply to related linked sites other than this website, nor to persons who are not commissioned or involved in management.

2. How personal data is collected, processed and used

When you visit our website, we track the following data:

  • Products you’ve reviewed: For example, we use this information to show products you’ve viewed recently.
  • Location, IP address, and browser type: We use this information to estimate taxes and shipping costs
  • Shipping address: For example, we will ask you to enter the shipping address in order to estimate the shipping cost before you place your order and then send the order to you!

We also use cookies to track the content of your shopping cart when you browse our website.

  • When you access this website or use the functional services provided by this website, we will, depending on the functional nature of the service, ask you to provide the necessary personal data and process and utilize your personal data for that particular purpose.
  • When you use interactive features such as service mailboxes and surveys, this website retains the name, email address, contact method and time of use provided by you.
  • In general browsing, the server will record the relevant behavior, including your use of the IP address of the connected device, use time, use of the browser, browsing and click data records, as a reference for us to enhance the website services, this record is an internal information, and will never be published.
  • To provide accurate services, we will collect the survey content of statistics and analysis, analysis of the statistical data or description of the text, in addition to internal research, we will publish statistical data and description, as required, but not specific individual information.
  • If you set up an account, we will store your name, address, email and phone number so that your account will be automatically filled in for future use for your order.

We generally store information about you only when it is needed for purposes of collection and use, and we do not legally need to retain it. For example, we store order information for 2 years for tax and accounting purposes. This includes your name, email address, and billing and shipping address.

If you choose to leave a message and comment, we will also store them.

When you purchase a product from us, we will ask you for information, including your name, billing address, shipping address, email address, telephone number, credit/payment details, and selected account information (e.g. username and password). We use this information for the following purposes, such as:

  • Send information about your account and order to you.
  • Respond to your application, including a refund request or a complaint.
  • Process payments and protect against fraud.
  • Open your account in our store.
  • Follow legal obligations, such as calculating taxes.
  • Improve store offers.
  • Send a marketing message to you (if you have agreed to receive it).

3. Team members with access rights

Our team members have access to the data you provide to us. For example, both administrators and store managers have access to the following data:

  • Purchase information such as purchase items, time and destination.
  • Your name, email address, and customer information such as billing and shipping data.

Our team members have access to this information to assist in fulfilling orders, processing refunds, and supporting you.

4. payment information

We accept payments through Greens Technology, STRIPE, GLOBAL PAYMENTS. When processing a payment, some of your data is transferred to the gold flow institution of your choice at the time of the transaction, including the information needed to process or support the payment( such as the total purchase amount and billing information).

Please refer to the third party payment services’ Privacy Policy for more details.

5. Protection of data

  1. Upon completion of registration, the Member will obtain a specific password and member account number. It is the member’s responsibility to keep passwords and account numbers confidential. Any entry of a member’s account number and password in accordance with the prescribed method and the entry information, whether or not entered by himself or not, will be presumed to be used by the member himself, the use of the password and account number of all actions, the member himself shall be fully responsible.
  2. Members agree to the following:
    (1) If a Member’s account number or password is compromised or there are any other security issues, the Member will immediately notify SHADOWMOON Customer Service.
    (2) Each time the connection is completed, the member’s account will be closed.
    (3) Member’s account number, password and member’s rights and interests are for the personal use and enjoyment of the Member only, and may not be loaned, transferred or shared with others.
    (4) If an account number and password have been stolen, improperly used, or other SHADOWMOON can not be identified whether it is personal use of the situation, the damage caused by this, except to prove that it is attributable to the cause of the moon, SHADOWMOON will not be responsible.
    (5) SHADOWMOON will immediately suspend the use of a member’s account number, including the processing of transactions a result of the account, if it becomes aware that the member’s account password was indeed used by another person.
  3. The host of this website is equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems and other related information security equipment and necessary security measures to protect the website and your personal data to adopt strict protection measures, only authorized personnel can access your personal data, the relevant processing personnel are signed confidentiality contracts, if there is a breach of confidentiality obligations, will be subject to the relevant legal sanctions.
  4. This website will also strictly require it to comply with its confidentiality obligations and to take the necessary inspection procedures to determine whether it will indeed comply if it is necessary to entrust services to other organizations due to business needs.

6. Protection of children and adolescents

To ensure the safety of children and adolescents using the Internet and to avoid invasion of their privacy rights, parents (or guardians) should exercise the following obligations: Children under the age of 12 shall be accompanied throughout the use of the Service, and children over the age of 12 shall give their consent before using the Service.

If the Member is a minor under the age of 20, he or she shall register as a Member to use or continue to use the Service after the Parent (or Guardian) of the Member has read, understood and agreed to all the contents of this Agreement and its later modifications. When a Member uses or continues to use the Service, it is presumed that the Member’s parent (or guardian) has read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of this Privacy Policy and the relevant Terms of Service and its later changes. Members and SHADOWMOON agree to use all content of the Service, including meaning, etc., in the form of electronic documents.

7. The website outside the relevant links

The pages of this website provide web links to other websites, and you can also click on other websites via the links provided on this website. However, the linked site does not apply to the privacy protection policy of this website, and you must refer to the privacy protection policy in the linked website.

8. Policy on sharing personal data with third parties

This website will never provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal data to other individuals, groups, private enterprises or public authorities, except for legal or contractual obligations.

The circumstances of the preceding subparagraph include exclusions and exclusions from:

  1. With your written consent.
  2. The law clearly stipulates.
  3. to save you from danger to life, body, liberty or property.
  4. Cooperation with public offices or academic research institutions is necessary for statistical or academic research in the public interest, and the information is processed or collected by the provider and the specific party is not identified by the manner in which it is disclosed.
  5. When you conduct on the Site, violate the Terms of Service or may harm or hinder the rights and interests of the Website with other users or cause any person to suffer damage, the Website Management Unit has conducted an analysis to disclose your personal data as necessary to identify, contact or take legal action.
  6. It’s in your interest.
  7. When this website entrusts the manufacturer to assist in the collection, processing or utilization of your personal data, it will do the best for the supervision and management of the non-commissioned manufactureror or individual.

9. The use of cookies

In order to provide your best service, this website will place and access our cookies on your computer, and if you do not wish to accept the writing of cookies, you may reject the writing of cookies by setting a high level of privacy in the browser features you use, but may lead to the failure of certain functions of the website to perform properly.

If a user visits the landing page of this website, a temporary cookie is set to determine whether the user’s browser accepts the cookie;

10. Personal data revision, export and deletion

The European Union Data Protection Code (GDPR) gives data subjects specific permissions over their personal data, including obtaining copies of personal data, requiring corrections, restricting the processing of data, deleting data, or receiving data in electronic format. Shadow moon customers, service users can through my account page to manage the majority of personal data correction, deletion, including account information, address and other information. To export, delete personal data, order-related records, please email and we’ll assist you.

11. Amendments to the Privacy Protection Policy

The privacy protection policy of this website will be amended as required and the amended terms will be posted on the website.

This Privacy Policy was last amended on June 1, 2020.